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nursing night light

Best Nightlight For Nursing

Every nursing mother knows that their infant must be fed on a schedule, and that schedule includes times in the middle of the night. To manage this task without needlessly waking baby, moms in this situation need a good nursing light.

What is a nursing light?

Best Nightlight For Nursing

A best nightlight for nursing is a nightlight made with nursing mothers in mind. Typically, they will have the following features:

Adjustable LED Light: LED lights are energy efficient. They have a steady glow, and can be adjusted to filter out blue light to reduce eye strain. The best nursing lights will feature soft, low brightness settings. These settings are far less likely to wake up the feeding baby.

Safe, Non-toxic Construction: ABS and PC plastics are non-hazardous construction materials, and most lights built with children in mind will use these materials. Further, child safe construction also means that there will be no sharp edges or small pieces. A great nursing light poses no harm to the child or the mother.

Timer Function: As mentioned before, nursing babies must be fed on a schedule. That doesn’t mean that mothers have to stay awake 24 hours a day, however. Setting an alarm for the appropriate times is the best way to always be ready when it’s chow time for baby, but conventional alarms are likely to be too loud. To avoid waking up the baby and others, nursing lights tend to have timer settings with gentle alarms. Gradually brightening lights, and even vibrations, are common integrated alarm features. More at

Simple Controls: Generally speaking, nursing lights will need to be manipulated in the dark. Attempting to activate dials or switches is frustrating under such circumstances. Well designed nursing lights have easily discernable controls, featuring large uniquely shaped buttons, or even touch controls allowing activation by simply tapping anywhere on the device.

Portable: Feeding time can happen in various places. While some parents have their baby in the same room as them, it’s just as common for the child to be elsewhere. An ideal light will be convenient to carry along to light the way. This means a light that is not plugged into the wall by a wire, but rather battery operated. It should be lightweight, and should offer some method to carry it hands free. This could be a clip that allows it to attach to a garment, or even a headband turning it into a head lamp.

Rechargable: While a nursing light with replaceable batteries will work, a rechargable battery is the better choice. These will have longer periods of uninterrupted performance. They also eliminate the inconvenient occurrence of the batteries dying and not being able to replace them right away. A rechargable light will always be available to use.

nursing night light


The best nightlight for nursing is one that combines all of the above characteristics. Some of the features are less critical — someone who has a quiet alarm may not require the light to possess such a function, for instance.

However, that the light be an LED and that the construction material be non-toxic should be baseline requirements. Luckily, these features are standard, and there are several solid options available for those in the market for nursing lights.

Best Light Bulb Reading Lamp Reviews

Do you want to get some of the best light bulb reading lamps? Well, you are great. You need to take your home or rooms to a whole new level. You need to get the right amount of light for your rooms so you can feel fine and relaxed.

We will let you know more about some of the best light bulb reading lamps that money can buy today. You can also save good money if you put your hands on them as soon as possible. They will you all the benefits that you expect from them. But do not take our word for it, just read on so you can find out truly more. More at

Miracle LED Nature’s Light Bulb

The Miracle LED Nature’s Light Bulb is awesome because you will be unwinding yourself with the unique shades of light that this device will produce. The Miracle LED Nature’s Light Bulb is so unique that you will not find what it does in any traditional lights out there.

Yes, the Miracle LED Nature’s Light Bulb is truly here to stay for a long time to give you just what you want to get. Are you tired of sleep meds? If so, the Miracle LED Nature’s Light Bulb is for you because it can work with your sleep cycle right away.

GE 97494 Light Bulb

The GE 97494 Light Bulb will give you what you need. They will give you the bright light that you need to see today. The GE 97494 Light Bulb can also give you the dim that you want right off the bat these days too.

The GE 97494 Light Bulb is the reliable light bulb that you need to get these days too. If you need to replenish your lightbulbs, the GE 97494 Light Bulb is for you too. Make your room shine with all the light in the world is easy with the GE 97494 Light Bulb by your side too.

Amber Light Bulb by KINUR

The Amber Light Bulb by KINUR is a godsend to you. Do you want to save money? If so, the Amber Light Bulb by KINUR is for you because it will allow you to get just that right away down the road these days.

The Amber Light Bulb by KINUR is here to stay for a long time too because its light has a high level of precision that you will happen to love. Getting a high level of brightness is truly easy with the reliable Amber Light Bulb by KINUR today.

We have talked about some of the best light bulb reading lamps that your money can purchase these days. We cannot stress enough the fact that the best light bulb reading lamp will allow you to save a lot of money over time too.

Remember that the Miracle LED Nature’s Light Bulb will allow you to unwind yourself right away if you want because the item has just been designed with this end in mind. Getting a unique light is easy with the Miracle LED Nature’s Light Bulb today too.

Remember also that the GE 97494 Light Bulb can give you the bright light that you have been seeking for a long time these days. Yes, the GE 97494 Light Bulb is truly awesome for you too. Do you need a high level of precision? If so, the Amber Light Bulb by KINUR is for you because it has what you want.

Tao Tronics LED Desk Lamp

Best Desk Lamp For Drawing

Ideally, when you are drawing in the evening you want a desk lamp that will provide neutral light that doesn’t change the colors of your drawing. Different lights have different color temperatures, so it’s important to choose a lamp that will show you the colors of your drawing as if you are seeing it in clear daylight.

The right desk lamp can be a helpful tool for your office, library, or study room. These lamps do more than just provide lighting, they can also create an environment best suited for working without straining and stressing the eyes. A good desk lamp should possess the perfect balance of function and form, and holds the necessary features that are best suited for your tasks.

Desk lighting may not seem an important factor initially, but try working with insufficient light and it will become quickly clear that having the proper lighting is essential. Having a well lit space is not only for carrying out tasks at hand – but for general health as well. When your area is too dark, you may lean forward too much for extended periods of time, placing strain on the neck, back and even the eyes.

Most people will take a long time to select just the right desk chair – because they know that they will be sitting for possibly hours at a time. Proper back support, adjustability and the right size chair, suddenly become of paramount concern. But people tend to skimp on the lighting and consequently, can suffer physically as well. What does one do when the general room lights are not enough?

1.LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp
LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

The LAMPAT dimmable LED desk lamp is our top pick because it is packed full of features that could brighten anyone’s day. This lamp does not simply sit at the corner of your desk and bring light to the area, it is designed with a compact base and an arm that is intended to hover above your work for better lighting.

It provides a detailed and extremely well lit area to reduce glare and reflections so you can see your work better. The LAMPAT desk lamp can be easily positioned over a key board, book, paper, or wherever your needs may be. The arm sits high enough that it will never block your line of sight and can be adjusted to meet your needs.

There are four lighting modes and five different brightness settings on the LAMPAT dimmable LED desk lamp, so you can personalize each experience. In addition to providing great light the LAMPAT desk lamp features a USB port that can charge your phone or attach to any device with a USB port. The light source is an LED light which can last up to 25 years under normal use. It uses very little electricity and burns much cooler than traditional lighting. Now you can light up your space without the heat. Even after the light has been on for hours you can touch the light with your hand and it never gets hot.

Other useful features include a one hour auto off function to ensure that you won’t waste electricity or energy should you forget to turn it off. The arm is able to at an angle up to 180 degrees for easy storage. It can extend outward to 140 degree angle for a variety of lighting options. This desk lamp can easily transform your desk or space into a more visible stylish, and efficient space.

2.ToJane Architect Desk lamp

ToJane Architect Desk lamp
ToJane Architect Desk lamp

The ToJane desk lamp is 32″ in length and features a folding adjustable arm with modern metal trim. The double arm is made of sturdy materials and can adjust to just about any position so that you have more control over the placement of the light. This lamp features a classic desk lamp style and is very easily adjusted.

It uses a 7 watt LED light and an extra is also included. The gray metal design will go well with most decor and has a stylish look and a sturdy feel. You have a great deal of control when it comes to adjusting the position of the light as it can swivel 340 degrees and extend 2.5 feet. It is also priced well for all of the features that you get. If a classic light is what you are after then this model can give you what you need and last for years to come. More at

3.The Bestek Eye Care Table Lamp LED Desk Lamps

The Bestek Eye Care Table Lamp LED Desk Lamps
The Bestek Eye Care Table Lamp LED Desk Lamps

The Bestek Eye Care Table Lamp LED Desk Lamps Magic Colorful RGB Light With Three Grade Brightness Touch Dimmer, Flicker Free And Anti Glare Touch Controlled Radiation Free Black is created with a very innovative design that is fashionable regarding this living light color quality for convenience during your reading usage of this fine desk lamp.

4.Tao Tronics LED Desk Lamp

Tao Tronics LED Desk Lamp
Tao Tronics LED Desk Lamp

The Tao Tronics desk lamp is a top pick because it takes a nontraditional approach in its design and function. This lamp is intended not just to sit at the corner of your desk, but to hover above your work and bring light to the work area or items beneath it. This desk lamp is jam packed with features including energy efficient LED lights which reduce energy use up to 75% from standard bulbs.

The small LED lights are able to spread the light over a larger space and reduce glare and eye strain. It will provide better light for your work or project and also save you money. The Tao Tronics desk lamp features a dimmable light setting that provides seven different brightness settings to customize each use for the maximum visual experience.

This desk lamp has a flicker free LED so every experience will be calm and comfortable without any distractions from the light itself. The light remains cool even if it is on all day. The Tao Tronics desk lamp offers a mood setting in which you can select the color of light you prefer.

Options include natural light, cool white, white, yellow, and warm yellow. This makes the lamp perfect on a night stand or in an area where you want different colors of light for different occasions. You can adjust the light color and the brightness for each option. You are able to choose the color that best highlights or lowlights your work.

The Tao Tronics lamp features a USB port where you can connect other devices to use along with your new desk lamp. The lamp also features the option of angling the lamp arm up or down to shine light in different directions. Adjustments can be made to bend the arm 90 degrees left and right (side to side) as well as 135 degrees up or down to optimize your light wherever you need it.

5.Otus LED Desk Lamp with Gesture Control

This lamp is also worth seriously considering. It has a lot of great features and has a sleek design. With a touchless on and off switch, eye protection, and a 360 adjustable light – this particular lamp is a solid choice. It has a whopping 12 dimming light modes allowing you to always have a setting that is just right for your lighting needs. It can also swivel all the way around which will allow you to project the light from any angle you wish. This model also comes in a total of three different colors so that you can tailor it to your decor. Although this model is more on the pricey side, if you want a lot of features and a flattering modern design then you might consider it.

What’s really great about this best desk lamp for drawing is that your fingers never have to touch it! Due to it’s touchless control lighting, you simply wave your hand or wrist over the infrared sensor and it turns the light on or off. This feature will prevent you from putting fingerprints or smudges on the lamp base and keeps it looking clean. If you are an artist that is not on a tight budget and you want a desk lamp that has many attractive features then you’ll want to give this one a try. It has everything that you could possibly want in a desk lamp and would be flattering to all styles of home or office decor.

Lamps are generally created as accent lighting, to be used on side tables in bedrooms or living rooms. They tend to give off a softer glow than task lights, which are crafted to provide a stronger beam of light to a small area; specifically for reading or doing detail work.

Standard lamps tend to have thicker shades which help to mask the eye from the bright bulb. They tend to be built from one non-flexible and decorative center stand, which can lend creative flair in terms of the color, or styling of both the fixture and the shade. However, lamps don’t offer as many options as task lights do.

Finding The Best Desk Lamps For College Dorms

Finding The Best Desk Lamps For College Dorms

There are all kinds of things that you are going to want to take with you as you head off to college. One of the things you are going to want to bring is a desk lamp.

If you’re trying to find the best desk lamps for dorms, take these suggestions on board:

Find A Lightweight Lamp

You’re going to have to carry your lamp with you to college, and you are going to have to move it when you leave your dorm. You definitely aren’t going to want to take a heavy lamp with you; you are going to want to find something that is more lightweight. More at

If you’re ordering your lamp online, check to see how heavy it is. You should also take a close look at the size of the lamp.

Finding The Best Desk Lamps For College Dorms
Finding The Best Desk Lamps For College Dorms

Find A Lamp That Can Pull Double-Duty

When you’re in a dorm, you don’t have a lot of extra space. If a lamp can do more than one thing, you’ll be able to make better use of the space that you have.

You might want to look for a lamp that has storage space, or a lamp with a USB charging slot. If a lamp has these features, you’ll be able to use it all the time.

Find An Affordable Lamp

Obviously, most college students are on a limited budget. No matter what lamp you wind up choosing, you won’t want to pay too much for it. Look for a lamp that will leave you with plenty of money leftover. More at

It can be hard to find the perfect lamp for your dorm room. With that said, you should be able to find a lamp that works for you. Follow these tips, and you should be off to a very solid start!

Desk Lamps For College Dorms

If you wish to spend a little less on your crystal table light but still wish to get a contemporary feel at a discount, take a look at this Crystal Body table light. desk lamps for college dorms This is a beautifully developed light with four glass worlds rising in dimension from top to bottom. It has a white shade that is made to offer ideal lighting while not interfering with the contemporary stem. This light also utilizes the 3-way switch and also an optimum 100-watt bulb.

I really wanted to find a cordless crystal table light that I can show you, but it turns out that there typically aren’t many battery powered table lamps readily available. So we will certainly take a look at this BettyLou Cordless LED Lamp instead.

This light is constructed from almost 100% glass and also it will certainly operate in any kind of contemporary setting. Because it is battery powered, one inquiry you always need to ask is how much time will it stay lit? Well, the answer is that this cordless light will certainly offer exceptional lighting for over 7 hours. It has a really efficient LED light which enables it to offer light for an extended time period that makes this battery powered light ideal for special celebrations or perhaps day-to-day usage.

Reading or studying at night requires light since it is very helpful in order to make readers or students easy to do their things without hurting their eyes. Light from the ceiling may be too bright or not bright enough since they are way far up there.

So, all you need is a desk lamp that allows you to read or study comfortably as well as near enough to provide light which make you focus on your study or work easily without turning your eyes red.

1.Boston Harbor Black Flexible Desk Lamp

Having a small desk next to your bed and need a small desk light that can fit right onto it for your reading at night? This Flexible Desk Lamp is small enough to be on your desk yet provide good light for your reading.

This Boston Harbor Black Flexible Desk Lamp allows you to adjust light to anywhere you need on your desk which is comfortable for reading in any position you want. It is designed with a lamp holder that has an on/off switch and a bullet style shade which is easy for you to switch and look good for your desk in your room.

2.Edison the Petit Cordless LED Table Lamp by Fatboy USA

Although more of a night light than a desk lamp, Edison the Petit is nothing if not perfect form the dorm. Durable, lightweight, moisture-resistant, and easily cleaned, this cordless lamp glows for eight hours at the highest setting on a single charge.

3.Boston Harbor Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Being a student, reading is important that is why a good lamp is needed. With the Boston Harbor Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp, you will surely be able to read and study comfortably from the light from the desk next to you.

This Boston Harbor Swining Arm Desk Lamp has a swinging arm which allows you to adjust it anywhere you want. The lamp has a black finish which looks elegant, and can be adjusted up to 26” in height which enables you to get the light from the above while reading or studying easily without having to put your book right under the lamp to get the light at all.

4.Lykta Table Lamp from Ikea

If you want a few pops of color for your dorm room, be sure to check out these great lamps from Ikea! Each lamp is unique because the glass is mouth blown, so you’ll have something a little more individual. More at

5.Hue Beyond Table Lamp Starter Kit (includes Bridge) by Philips

Philips Hue Beyond Table Lamp is the ultimate dorm room lamp. Choose from a variety of lighting effects at the touch of a button, including warm white light when you want to relax, cool energizing daylight when you want to study, endless colored light options, uplighting, and downlighting. Sync with your smartphone and other devices to control remotely, set alarms, receive message and social media notifications as gentle pulses of light, sync your lighting to the beat of music or movies, and much more.

6.Tao Tronic Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Need enough space to put your books and laptops on your desk and want a lamp that has small footprint to fit in a small space? The Tao Tronic Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp is what you are looking for.

With three levels of brightness, just gently tap on the touch control, you will be able to choose between high, mid, low level of lighting and night light mode easily. Also, the sleek design and glossy black finish, make it perfect for home, office, and business. Also, compared to traditional incandescent lamps, this lamp’s LED brings the same level of brightness yet consume 75% less power which makes you save a lot on electricity bills.

7.Tolomeo Micro Table Lamp by Artemide

In the land of personal style statements, the Micro Tolomeo is king. Available in a rainbow of punchy colors, these charming lamps are nothing if not fun and functional. Although only the aluminum finish is available in LED at the moment, an LED retrofit bulb is all that’s needed to make these colorful lamps green and eco-friendly.

8.LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

When it comes to desk lamp, best light and compact size matters most. Hence, this LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp is built to be the best desk lamp for your bedroom.

With 4 lighting modes and 5 level of brightness, you can select the level of light for your reading easily without having any difficulties of having the too bright light or too low light which is hard for your reading like other desk lamp at all. Also, its size it not too small and not too small which is easy for you to keep on the small desk next to your bed for night reading comfortably.

9.Smart Table Lamp from Ikea

If you’re short on space and need a lamp that won’t take up much room, then this might be your best bet – it’s super thin! It’s also meant to give out a nice, soft light, so it’ll create a nice ambiance in your dorm. Perfect if you plan on relaxing there and studying in the library.